Radiation from the nuclear plant accident flew, but we had to stand up without knowledge of it.

Lost of people suffered because of the irresponsible work done by people with no risk management skill.

Nihonmatsu City where I live wasn’t an evacuation zone but I was furious.

I can’t imagine how frustrated people who had to evacuate were.

My city wasn’t an evacuation zone, but I’m still anxious, angry and frustrated.

I have a habit of melodies coming up in my mind when I’m doing something.

Most of them are in orchestra, but I don’t know orchestration so it’s for the piano.

This song is a compilation of things that happened.

I’m glad if you can see what happened to my life.

Music start

The list of music records

These are music record melodies that were arranged as follows.

A massive earthquake happened.

An accident at the nuclear power plant happened.

Radiation flew and I couldn’t think clearly.

I didn’t know anything about radiation, but I stood up without question.

Lots of evacuees came to avoid radiation.

Food ran out.

Gas ran out, too.

Staffs from Tokai University Medical department brought supplies by a truck and wishes of people from Kanagawa.

Now I eat food brought by Kokugakuin University guitar ensemble graduates.

Supermarkets reopened, but I wasn’t sure if the food was safe.

On cold days, in addition to my usual work, I was busy dealing with radiation and evacuees.

Staff from Nagasaki Prefecture help us everyday.

My work situation changed a lot.

In the midst of anxiety, I was very busy.

A man made disaster caused me to rage.

But I stood up without question.

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